We are here to create extra opportunities for artists to sell their creations. 

We buy art directly from the artist giving them capital and an additional market place. We give the customer an quick and easy market place and a chance to find something new and beneficial to there life.  

The artist and their art can take unlimited forms, currently we are focused on art with a direct purpose. A bag made from locally sourced material, a bracelet with powerful stones, an incense holder, or a handmade singing bowl; beautiful things that serve a function.

We have found Nepal to be a great place to find such things. Having both high quality materials and skilled artists who are a pleasure to work with. We are also committed to working with traveling artist. Those who create as they go, selling their art along the way, making some of the most unique as skilled art you can find. This is our goal to provide high quality piece of art that can be used in everyday life, giving back to those who created these works.