Coffee shops and concrete with a few parks sprinkled here and there left me wanting something more. This oversimplification is how I feel sometimes about the world we live in. It is a part of the reason I spent years of my life traveling the US and the world. The search for something more, a missing piece. Today, this journey has brought me back home. Now I know what I was looking for was not material goods or an answer to a question. It was the journey itself, the journey we are all on, the eternal journey inward. This awareness of myself has been that missing piece.  

After graduating college, I still had more questions than answers and I knew there had to be something more than the system I had grown up in. So, my brother and I road our bicycles from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, taking in as much as possible and meeting wonderful people along the way. When I returned, I worked in a law firm, seeing firsthand the language our system is written in and how it is utilized. More than ever I had the desire to continue my journey. Starting in South East Asia I set out to see the world. Once again, I met countless wonderful people, and made great friends that I still have to this day.  To support my travels finically and get a better understanding of a different culture, I found employment as an English teacher. I worked on small farms and at a few small resorts learning more and more the extent of our system and the hardships in leaving it as well as, the benefits our system can offer. Still, I felt my mission wasn’t finished. So, I got a bicycle and with a new-found French friend, we road for three and a half months from Bangkok to northern Vietnam, traveling through Cambodia and Laos. From there I continued my journey, staying with my brother in Nepal for three months helping him with his Peace Corps work. It was in Nepal when I started to understand the importance of balance between western society and an ancient culture, both having so much to offer each other. Sadly, I had to move on, visiting friends in Turkey, France, Netherlands, Ireland, and working in Greece, Italy, and Amsterdam (to name a few) trading labor for room and board. Gone for almost two years, coming back was somewhat of a culture shock. I had gone around the world, done everything I could do to experience something truly unique and new and I was back home almost like I never left (except for a few thousand photos and new friends on Facebook).

It took some time and a few shorter trips to understand a little more of what it means to take a journey and to truly come back as someone new, something more. To grow and learn about one’s place in this world it is not about where you go, how long you’re gone or even the ability to truly detach from the system. The true journey is internal; one must see how far they can search within themselves to learn one’s place in the universe. With awareness of one’s self comes the awareness of what is around. It is a symbiotic relationship that must be grown together. If one is unaware of one’s self, then they project themselves into their surrounding and are blinded, unable to see what truth has to offer. If one is aware of one’s self the smallest changes in one’s surrounding will be observable, and the true nature of reality can start to be seen and influenced consciously.

 You are the only one who can choose to go on such a journey. It requires just your desire to go. You can walk out your door and keep walking and walking leaving everything behind (I don’t recommend this for an extended period of time). Another option is to acquire tools to reach your destination faster and without physical harm.  Like putting on shoes for your walk, allowing you to go father, faster and without physical harm. Om bowls /singing bowls are the most powerful and simple tool I have found to assist the inward journey. It allows us to reach our internal self almost instantly getting us to our destination and back with time to spare. Striking the bowl (without any external distractions/sounds and preconceptions) and letting the OM in through the breath is all it takes to start the most important and significant journey one can ever take.

Thank you for your time, Enjoy your journey,

Brandon Morris, Founder of IM IN OM