ADA: Traveling Artist 

Many people dream of being a traveling artist. Some do it for a short while. There are a few who’s  love creating and experiencing new places never ends. Ada is one of these people and I have been lucky enough to meet her. She is originally from Israel and had 9 to 5 job in Manhattan when she realized she wanted something different, something more. Ever since then she has been creating beautiful pieces of jewelry and selling it wherever she goes.


Francesco: Traveling Artist  

Since Francesco was a baby (some even say before he was born) he has been creating amazing art. Today he finding the most beautiful and powerful stones then enhances their powers through wire wrapping. His magical skills have allowed him to travel the world over, changing peoples live forever,  

DINU: Dali, China 

There is a unique town in China called Dali. It attracts all types of people from around the world. Its location between mountains above and a like below is the first thing one notices. But it is the history and the role it places in China today that make it truly unique. As many Chinese and foreigners have found to be a haven from chaotic cities. Local tourists come to visit the ‘old town’ where many artists have found their home. Dinu is one of them. She has traveled through Europe, being inspired along the way. Now she lives in Dali and makes art and jewelry in her little shop in old town Dali.